Shutting down the respondents' referral program

Hey all, thanks for referring all your friends for the past 6 months. Vase has grown tremendously, and it’s a community effort, it’s you that made us so big so fast. We’re sad to announce today that we will be temporary closing down our referral program, and introduce a waitlist, due to a steep increase in referrals. Many of you will receive your last referral payment in awhile, we’re currently processing 3000+ payments and we’re facing some issues with the banks.

This decision has to be made for the good of the community, the current Vasers in our community. If you noticed, we recently had a few hiccups on our main website, to the extent, stopping people from signing up. We've hit our technical capacity & we're in the progress of scaling it.

On the operations side, number of support tickets went up by 100x, we're also in the process of hiring someone to help us out with it.

We have also yet to achieve balance between demand & supply on our platform, and many of you haven’t even got the chance to answer your first survey with a reward. We’re fixing that, and to fix that we need to not run out of money.

We appreciate you for the effort of spreading Vase to your friends & family, and we hope that you will feel proud about Vase in the near future. You are incredibly important as our early adopters and we will reward you for your effort, by bringing more and more surveys that reward to everybody in our platform.

One sure thing is, our referral program will be back in the future, and there will be a lot more surveys coming, expect them!