Updates on our respondents' referral program.

Update as of 2017 January

We have resumed our referral program! You should receive an email from us giving you the details when you sign up 😊

Hey Vasers,

In the recent weeks we have a huge boost in our signups, all thanks to you guys for referring your friends to join our platform. That has also created some issues with Vase's financial situation, and we're gonna talk to you about this.

Good news is, we're not shutting down our referral program. Bad news though, we're decreasing the referral payout to RM0.20, when you successfully refer more than 10 friends.

So the idea is, new members joining our platform won't get affected until they refer 10 or more friend, and from then onwards each friend they refer will payout RM0.20.

This change will take place on 27th, June 2016 at 9AM GMT+08:00. Any referrals before that will not get affected.

The team have been talking about this over the weekends, and decided this is the right thing to do, for the company's survival. I hope you'll understand, and stick with us throughout this journey, there's light (more surveys) at the end of the tunnel.

I understand that many of you are asking "Where's my survey", rest assured, the team is working hard to earn surveys for you to answer, but it takes time.

Thanks for everything, fam.