Vaser Ethos

Live, breath, eat honesty.

Probably not eat, but you get the idea.

Hey! I'm Julie, welcome to Vase. You belong to an awesome community of people, giving insights to companies who're building products to make the world a better place. Honesty, integrity is in the core of our company, your company.

Here's the thing - you providing honest feedbacks on our platform is really important to us, and you! By providing us honest data about your life, you will receive more relevant surveys with awesome rewards (which is what you came for). As long as Vase has the best data in the industry, you will always get more and more surveys, which translates to more and more rewards!

Let me give you an example, let's assume you would like to purchase a new car in the next six month - and we asked you about whether you are interested in buying a car in the next six month, you said no. You might miss out a survey for potential car buyers that offers 5% cash back as a reward for your car purchase!

That's why honesty matters here. The more questions you answer on our platform, the better we can send you relevant surveys, the better the rewards you get. Your data, is also our product. This doesn't mean we sell your personal information, we will never do that. At Vase we put in place measures to ensure everybody plays fair, but no matter how many systems, algorithms we create, the best policy is still you, giving us honest feedback.

You are a part of the family, a part of the product, and Vase's success solely depends on you. Don't disappoint us!