Why am I disqualified?

So you're disqualified from one of our surveys 😔 There are multiple reasons to that, here are the 3 most common reason that you got disqualified.

1. Quota Exceeded

You came too late 😔 You should add us (wecare@getvase.com) to your email whitelist so that you receive a notification from our email every time.

2. Screening Questions

You may be disqualified because you didn't pass one of our screening questions, read more about it here.

3. Lies

Did you lie on one of our surveys? Most of our surveys has "trap questions" on them, and you might have answered it wrongly. Please please please be honest on our platform, we appreciate that!

It might not be your fault if you didn't lie, so don't worry about it, and keep answering! ✌️

Stay honest,